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Premium Ingredients Toothfish: Toothfish are quite unique. When filleted it is a solid piece of flesh, which is sweet in flavor and highly prized. One valuable characteristic is that the flesh contains a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids that are released when cooked. Omega-3 fatty acids have become recognized for their health benefits. Organic […]

Dry aged Beef salad

Our premium Ingredients Dry-aged beef : A dry-aged steak is exactly what it sounds like: a cut of beef that has been aged, uncovered and surrounded by air. The time in the aging room also breaks down collagen—the connective tissues that hold together the beef’s muscle fibers—so these steaks are more tender than fresh steaks. Dry aging improves […]


Our Premium Ingredients Abalone :Abalone is widely distributed across tropical and temperate coastal areas. Roe’s abalone can be found as far north as Shark Bay in Western Australia and south around Victoria. They mostly inhabit shallow limestone reefs along the west coast, especially around Perth and near Geraldton Steps to cook Washing: Wash your hands for at […]