Dry aged Beef salad

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Dry-aged beef :

A dry-aged steak is exactly what it sounds like: a cut of beef that has been aged, uncovered and surrounded by air. The time in the aging room also breaks down collagen—the connective tissues that hold together the beef’s muscle fibers—so these steaks are more tender than fresh steaks. Dry aging improves the eating quality of beef. It deepens the flavor, enhances the tenderness and texture by enabling the muscle fibers to break down in a controlled environment.

Washing: Wash your hands for at least 25 seconds, wash all the vegetables, including
mixed lettuce, then use a salad spinner to remove extra water from the lettuce

Cut tomato to wedges, the skin of the avocado and slice it, slice the red onion.

Next, mix tomato, sliced red onion, and lettuce into a mixing bowl, add balsamic
dressing and crushed nuts, then put on a beautiful plate, don’t forget your avocado
on top of the salad, but, leave it a space for your steak later.

Cooking: Hear up a frying pan, add some oil, sear it two sides till the level you want!

(I suggest one and half minutes for each side, then slice it straight away.)
Put your steak gently on the top of the salad, sprinkle truffle salt as the final step.

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