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Abalone :
Abalone is widely distributed across tropical and temperate coastal areas. Roe’s abalone can be found as far north as Shark Bay in Western Australia and south around Victoria. They mostly inhabit shallow limestone reefs along the west coast, especially around Perth and near Geraldton

Steps to cook

Washing: Wash your hands for at least 25 seconds, wash all vegetables properly, and
strain out water from vegetables, especial bean sprouts, if possible, use a salad
spinner to remove extra water.

Preparing: Garlic shoot cut into 5cm length, slice red onion 0.5~1cm width, 5-spice
tofu slash slice 0.3cm width(you want to keep it to a nice extent to catch the

Cut Chinese celery about 5cm, shallots cut around 5cm, final slash slice
abalone around 0.5cm, and use paper to dry the surface of abalone.

Cooking: Heat up a wok high heat, then add oil(be careful after this, adding any water), pan-fried the abalone until the smell comes out, half cook then take it out.

Next, in order put garlic shoot, 5-spice tofu, red onion, Chinese celery, bean sprout,
shallot, finally add the abalone and mixed powder to finish.

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